Curtis Crutchfield

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A little about me

Hello, I'm Curtis Crutchfield. I graduated from Cumberland University with a degree in business management. I'm currently a full-time student at Nashville Software School furthering my education as a full-stack developer.

My Life

This is my design portfolio where I will share all of my favorite work. When I'm not programming, I enjoy cooking, reading, problem solving, video games, and watching football #Titanup!

Contact me

My GitHub is here. If you have time check out my Linkedin. My email is



html5 css visual studio code npm javascript bootstrap react visual studio dot net core c sharp github sql server asp net mvc Spotify Web API

More Info

I'm currently a student at NSS, and I'm looking for work as a Junior web developer. In the 6 month Full Stack Web Development program we are learning HTML, CSS Javascript, JSON-Server, Git, Collaborative Development and React for the front end. Backend we will learn C#, .NET MVC, SQL and Visual Studio.


Curtis' Blog

Aspiring Full Stack Developer.

"A glimpse of my journey."